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Dec. 17th, 2008

Fine girl

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couch-surfing STILL!!

in lust
life is good
friends are family

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Nov. 27th, 2008

Fine girl


Yay! So i've been watching movie trailers and these are the movies i'd like to see:

Harry Potter & the 1/2 Blood Prince
Yonkers Joe
The Tale of Despereaux
Monsters vs Aliens
Yes Man
O’Horten (looks good too, considering it's a French film.)
Cadillac Records
Seven Pounds
How About You (just made me cry!!! :D Gotta see!)
Heaven On Earth (just scared me and made me glad that i am in California)
UP (looks cute as hell!)
Angels & Demons
Dark Streets
FUEL ------- MUST SEE!!!
Reclaiming the Blade
The Secrets (wow, even a jewish movie sucked me in)
Flashbacks of a Fool (007 playing an actor in a movie? HA! But Claire Forlani's in it...yum)


Hello everyone!!
I have been wanting to do a journal entry but haven't known what to write. Don't want to be cliche or annoying or anything like that.
I'm traveling all over California at the moment!! Having a great time!!
I bought a one-way ticket to San Francisco on Oct 29th and since then all plans have gone awry but i'm still alive and in alright health (got sick yesterday) and am not out of $ yet. So, i'm still doing great otherwise.
My plans are still up in the air; i could go back home, stay in the Mid-CA area & shuffle sleeping quarters, fly somewhere else beautiful, or pick up this van i've randomly acquired and live in it for a while. :)
I'm doing so many things out of the norm for me, but i love it completely!
I love the people i'm hanging out with - they're like family to me.
And i've been able to catch up with my cousin whom i haven't seen for almost 10 years!
She's pretty cool, although she doesn't like this new lifestyle i've chosen, but that's not her decision.
She is going to try to help me find work if i decide to stay in the Oakland - San Fran area, which will be awesome. She knows a lot of people, having lived here a long time. I like Santa Cruz tho, really. That's where all my friends live, but they're still teenagers! Lol. Anywayz i hope to continue my travels b/c i am learning so much and having such a great time!!

Much love-

Sep. 11th, 2008


i love mountain dew!!!!

I just updated my videos on myspace.
Saw the new Pink video and i about peed my pants b/c it was so hilarious. Added the Veronicas, and Katy Perry in honor of my recent break up and being single but i also added Bob Dylan's Don't Think Twice, It's Alright in honor of Greg & my relationship.
Just hearing the song makes me wanna sit in a corner and cry b/c i did love him. (He used to have the song as his ringtone before we moved in together...)
Now it's all just a memory...That's alright tho.
I'll move on, eventually. Just seems surreal that it's over...makes me miss Asheville, listening to Dylan. Just hearing his harmonica makes me sad, but a good sad. Damn it...I need an ipod so i can listen to all this stuff.

Getting a laptop once i get enough funds and am on my feet. Bryan wants me to get an apple, but i don't like them! They're all opposite from PC and i don't like that...But i suppose i should start liking it...dunno.

Also hoping to visit Amy this coming Monday & possibly getting a haircut from this weeks' paycheck. My hair is getting so unmanagable, and i have to deep condition it once a week, and it's just getting annoying. Shorter seems fun to me, yet i had the thought last month to keep it long, now i'm torn b/c once i get $ i know i will want to cut it...Eh..Plus i used to color or cut my hair everytime i would go through a breakup and i haven't been able to do that, since Greg and i parted ways b/c of the money situation, and i'm just all confuzzled!!
Damn it! Hehe. i hate not knowing what's going on with my own self...

Sep. 4th, 2008

Fine girl

(no subject)


Things in life a fine.
I'm doing well with the breakup stuff.
I've been trying different beers for the last few weeks.
Blue Moon Honey Moon Summer Ale
Sam Adams Summer Ale
& some others.
i gotta make this quick, i've only got 5 minutes left on the library computer.

Been keeping to myself, mostly.
Working both at Chili's and now next week starting mornings @ Dollar Tree.
I needs moneys.

Hoping to go cross-country by Spring 09.

:D TEE HEE!!!!!!!

Aug. 5th, 2008

cute clock


mom & i got a house!!
it's a 2br/1ba brick house w/ 2 living rooms, kitchen, side covered porch that can't be used yet b/c the floor has water damage, a 1/2 fenced in yard, garden, 2-car carport, LOTS of storage (2 storage buildings), AND full basement !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The only bad thing is that the house is on the market, so it could sell at any time. although with the market in as bad of shape as it is, i don't think it will sell for quite some time.

yay luck!

Jul. 27th, 2008


Good News

that's where we are moving.
so many "shopping destinations" are nearby!! And a park!!
Sadly tho, they have breed restrictions on dogs, so i will not be able to get a pit bull puppy like i so much want.
just found a link for the book my cousin susie sent mom and i. check it out. i bet you will be surprised that i am reading something like this.
it looks just like a bible, and the pages are super thin like bible pages too. But i will be the first to tell you that i really think it has impacted my life ALREADY!!
You know my dad and i don't get along, well we were just butting heads like mad almost a week ago, and the next day i was writing about it in my journal and stopped and looked up and just got up & started burning my incense and went out to the farthest part of the house which is HIS DOMAIN, the den, and did my zen cleansing; like you would also do with sage.
i said "No negative energy is allowed in this space-" and i seriously could not believe it when my dad was being nice to me later on that day, and ever since, he has totally been cool with me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GO FIGURE!!!!!!
Everything is finally going the way it should be!!
And it just took me getting away from Greg to get this way!
I always knew it.
cascada's Everytime we touch song is playing. aaron comes out and says, "erika, i like this song." and i'm like "OH YEAH, ME TOO!!" :D
i know the chorus. hee hee. i can't remember if this song played at work or how i know the words.
oh! i have been watching a lot of FIT TV, which has regular aerobics, etc & there's a yoga & belly dancing hour from 12:30-1:30pm. i want to learn belly dancing!!!!
i do this Gilad workout guy's stuff too. i don't know what it is about him, but he's funny to watch b/c he's like this dark haired, greek guy, 40s or 50s. and idk. you'll have to see him. i found a link.
haha!! Everytime he says "NICE" i bust out laughing!!
He is SO cool, tho!
So yeah, i want to be fit. i wanna get in shape. OH, and when you look at that first link of the apartments, they have a 24 hour gym!!!!!! :D
mom's like, "you're gonna have no trouble meeting men now." i'm like OH GOD!
But you know, i told myself that i need to be secure in my decisions and i have said that i will not date for a long time. especially sexually. i want to see how long i can withstand it. PLUS with Bryan (roomie) being a bartender, i am going to have him as like a "little brother" (b/c he's a year and 2 days younger than me- yeah his bday is xmas!) he's gonna watch out for me with guys at the bars he works out. he will know the good from the bad, for the most part about regulars anyway. i'm gonna have a well-thought-out system about dating when it comes down to it. i am really ready to grow up now, and make better decisions.
greg does not even know yet about me moving to g-boro. news on him is that he went to tally last friday and is due to come back to swanny today - evidently he's moving back sooner than he thought. no idea why. mom heard this from my brother, whom i guess is working with greg at greg's parents'. so they have to talk a little still.
last i heard from greg was that he was gonna stay in fl 2 or so months till he got the roofing job at his folks' done. i have no clue what's going on. he hasn't called me.
i hope he doesn't call for a long time. i stil have no $ for that. i hate that my mom has to pay for my gas and car insurance. i told her she will have a very good xmas if i get a $10/hr job. i was thinking about getting her a new laptop since hers has crapped out. i know she's really bored without it.
she's coming to stay with me on the first monday after we move in and get things settled. :) she's doing good, also. thinking about getting a travel trailer to move onto her land beside her current living place, which was her old pottery shop. i have pictures of it on my page here, somewhere. we had so much fun last night! we went to the other county and bought beer, and i tried a new one. i had wanted to try sam adam's summer ale, but they didn't even have sam adams regular! so, i saw that blue moon has a summer ale and it's a 2 time GOLD MEDAL WINNER...i had FIVE out of six!!! Lol. and i rented EVAN ALMIGHTY from the local library and we had a blast!! :D
OH i also rented THE SISTERHOOD OF THE TRAVELING PANTS and she LOVED it!! WE both cried!! LOL.
i can't wait to take her to the new sequal for that - which comes out aug 6th/
oh man it's gonna be a great rest of the year!!
i should go. i've written a LOT. i bet it will take you 15 minutes to read this LOL.


Jul. 6th, 2008

Fine girl

Vacation 2008

I just found out i've been a member of Photobucket since January 2005!!

Went to Butler, PA for 5 days. June 29-July 3
Camped out @ Loafer's Glory, NC July 4-6.
Rain today. T-storm going on. July 6 2008.
Job Search later this week.
Posting pictures to myspace account also this week.

Jun. 22nd, 2008

Fine girl

(no subject)

i just had THE most fun w/ Amy, & her two friends i met tonight, Ashlyn & Chelsey!!!
Wonderful girls!
Only bad thing is that i have a head ache! Greg said he had one too, and wasn't very talkative when i got home. Oh well. Hope he feels better by morning. I wonder what brought it on. Eh.
Anyways, the club was not at all what i expected, which was a good thing. Although, they did not have a drag show! I think Amy was disappointed...But we had a great time dancing our asses off!
I dance so silly, like i'm playing DDR! Lol. But my thighs are tired, and i hope they're not sore in the a.m.

YAY! I went to my first Gay Club!! Yay for me!!

Jun. 17th, 2008

Fine girl

new video ya'll

stupid youtube...
Photobucket uploaded my shit!
Youtube hates me!!!

WARNING: This video is MUCH darker than it should be...!!

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